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Let's get skilled with 5 Skills, 1 Sporter

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

After realizing the impact that sport coaches, trainers, or any sport related responsible have in young minds, WEA launched itself in the mission to promote sport as a tool for increasing social inclusion, mental health, gender equality, non-formal education and policy engagement.

Alongside the following expert partners in their respective field, this partnership will provide sport people the tools to aim for these principals in their day-to-day life:

  • Hybrid Sport (Romania) - Mental Health

  • L ORMA (Italy) - Non-Formal Education

  • CHAMPIONS FACTORY (Bulgaria) - Gender Equality

  • WYZSZA (Poland) - Social Inclusion

  • Sport Evolution Alliance (Portugal) - Policy Engagement

Yesterday we had our first coordination meeting online where we got to reflect on the reasons why we work, such as increase quality of life and a better inclusive future, besides organizing the next activities. Do you want to know more? Stay tune for more information...

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