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What We Do

Partnerships Agreements

We work across a variety of industries and help our partners find appropriate connections throughout the EU to help them share resources and achieve their learning objectives and development. 

Educational Consulting 

Work Experience Agency offers tailor-made educational programmes and consults with partners alongside the finest and most established schools in Ireland to improve best practices in education. 

Project Writing 

We create applications towards numerous funding opportunities and present the project idea in the best way possible. We can write as well the project proposal for your idea. 


A key priority for us is giving back to the local community. Wherever we host projects we make an effort to make a difference. Be that volunteering to paint a local school or cleaning local
community gardens. 

Project Management 

We’re experts in European project consulting and delivery. From concept through to completion we support a  range of project
partners, brands, companies, groups, and organisations.

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