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See below some of topics that WEA develops and implements activities and projects. 

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 2 German teachers completed one week of Job Shadowing in the field of Arts in Dublin in the middle of June of 2020.The teachers broaden their horizons by travelling abroad and networking by meeting professionals in the field of Arts or Crafts Jewellery.

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Language Courses

4 English teachers, learnt for 1 week in Dublin, new and innovative ways of teaching English both in a general and professional way. 

Home Nurse Making Bed

Health Care & Retail 

In March of 2019, 8 students got to grow professionally and personally by working in a retirement home and charity shops in Ireland, where they were touched by how much they could do and help. 


Mechanics & Retail & Hospitality

10 students from France went to Dublin in June 2019 to work on mechanic, hospitality and retail (charity shops). 


IT& Administration

For a month, 3 students from Germany accompanied by one teacher got to witness and work within a day-to-day office environment, while 2 students development IT skills.  

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