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Robot Classes and Making Pasta

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Imagine being able to go to a different country learning about your craft while enjoying their amazing food. That's what 16 students from Poland experienced in Bari (Italy). In an introduction to robotics, learn about the market, resources and state of the art in Robotics. Also, developed skills and knowledge in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Vision and robotics.

Discover parts of the programme below: Introduction to robotics: - History of robotics - Overview of robotics - Benefits of robots - Types of robots - Cost of robots

Robotics Market: - History of robotics market - Current robotics market - Breakdown of robotics market by industry - Demographics of robotics market - Future of robotics market Computer Aided Design (CAD): - Introduction - Software and formats - Designing objects - Creating Assemblies - Developing CAD skills - Parameterising objects - Design for manufacture - CAD vs Reality

3D Printing - Introduction - History - Benefits and constraints - Practical workshop - CAD vs 3D printing - 3D printing vs Reality

Computer Vision - Introduction to computer vision - Current state of the art in computer vision

- OpenCV - Introduction to programming using OpenCV

Robotics - Motor Control - Senses and actuators - Navigation - Robot programming using ROS - Autonomous vehicles and CAVs - Drones and UAVs - Human robot interaction (HRI) - Robot Football - Robot Competitions

While learning in an interactive and practical way about all of these topics, the students learn as well about how to make pasta from their local hosts in a truly cultural exchange environment.

Another group of students happy and motivated to continue growing their knowledge, experiences and skills!

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